First Visit

If this is your first time visiting Willow Tree Acupuncture and Wellness here are a few instructions and what you can expect from your first acupuncture treatment.

Preparing for your trestment:

  1. Eat something 2 hours or less before your first treatment.  A light snack is best before the treatment.
  2. Wear loose and comfortable clothes or bring a pair of shorts to change into, otherwise gowns are provided.
  3. Avoid a heavy physical work out or strenous activity before and after your treatmnet.  Acupuncture can be draining to some patients so nourishing the self and having a more relaxing day post treatment is recommended for the best outcome.
  4. Feeling rested, relaxed, and refreshed after your acupuncture treatment is expected but, some patients may experience slight tiredness or dizziness.  Take your time, eat good nourishing food, and plenty of fluids is recommended post treatment.